Project: MARQ*E Center Renovations
Architect: Hermes Architects, Todd Arenz
Developer: Fidelis Realty Partners

Project Overview:

The Houston MARQ*E Center was developed as a pedestrian oriented mixed-use project in the early
2000’s and is located at the intersection of 1-10 and Silber. The project is anchored by an Edwards
Cinema, LA Fitness, and Dave & Buster’s.

When the project was originally completed, junior and inline retail space within the center was oriented
inwardly along a long central corridor that connected the main surface parking area to the theater complex.
This retail configuration created a confusing parking layout and severely limited the visibility of the internal

ALJ-Lindsey was hired, as part of a team led by Hermes Architects, to complete the highly
choreographed multi-phased  renovation of the occupied center. The project included the demolition of a
major portion of the inline junior and retail space and the construction of a new surface parking area in its

One example in which ALJ-Lindsey optimized costs is by coordinating the proposed storm sewer system
with the demolition of the existing foundation system thus requiring only the removal of foundation beams in
the exact areas where utility lines would be required.